2 thoughts on “Claim: Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course”

  1. The Politico states “A permit application for the wall, filed by Trump International Golf Links Ireland… “, and not filed by Trump personally.
    Does *anybody* think that Trump personally micromanages upgrades and improvements at his properties? Trump International Golf Links Ireland includes a 5-star hotel (218 suites), a spa, the golf course, and several restaurants!
    This permit was undoubtedly filed by the local Executive Officer in charge of the course, who no doubt understands exactly what it takes to get a positive response from the local politicians. Trump has no doubt authorized the XO to ‘do whatever it takes to get things done quickly and legally’, or some such, which is a huge plus for Trump!
    One of the greatest things you can say about a chief executive is that he surrounds himself with capable and competent people.

  2. Note the nuances of language. Trump wants to build a coastal structure to prevent erosion, not inundation. The application includes a reference to climate change, probably on the advice of his lawyers, to improve the chances of the application being approved.


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