3 thoughts on “Claim: Growing stress on the world’s water”

  1. Actually the amount of water in the world is increasing – because of fossil fuels. Water is a byproduct of combustion. The World Bank apparently failed high school science.

  2. So where’s the demand that third world idiots stop producing more children than they can provide for?

    Where’s the demand that Africa and other third world countries stop destroying their own land with destructive agricultural practices and over grazing of their land with embarrassing status linked cattle.

    Hence we see why the west is being ordered to send even more billions of dollars annually on top of the trillions already sent.

    We must stop enabling the incompetent third world.

  3. And their solution is to require these poor countries to use windmills and solar panels rather than allowing them to use natural gas or oil to improve the living standards of the poor.
    It is obscene how the warmists use the suffering of others to justify their agendas to control more money and power.

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