5 thoughts on “Why companies like Google and Walmart are buying so much wind power”

  1. This has nothing to do with wind power, just solar, but as I drove through the city park this morning I noticed a camper surrounded by solar panels to furnish electricity. I wondered why it clouded up so suddenly this morning.;-)

  2. As Bill says, we end up paying for it. But it isn’t even necessary to raise prices, the power costs come off the top as a business expense. Zero cost to the companies bottom lines, and all kinds of brownie points from the low end of the gene pool.

  3. One more in an ever-growing number of instances of, basically, taxation without representation. Seems to me we fought a war over that.

  4. And who pays for all these boondoggles? We do. It is simply easier for these corporations to pass along the increased costs to their customers than to fight the Executive Agencies.

  5. Like the UK these wind factories (nothing to do with farms!) are driven not by the wind but by taxpayer dollars or pounds, whilst blighting the landscape.

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