5 thoughts on “WaPo claims Paris ‘climate’ deal binding on next President”

  1. Um, like Barry kept defending our allies in places like Iraq?
    Or dealt honorably with Israel?

  2. People ignore that China basically committed to nothing. They are allowed to continue growing their CO2 output for another 15 years or so unabated – while the rest of the world cuts back by relocating their manufacturing in China – what is not to love about the Paris treaty for China?

    Heck, if I negotiated a deal like that I would sign it as well. It is also interesting, just how many hoops and hurdles a Communist country has?

  3. Tom is absolutely correct, that would be up to Congress, and at this point, the establishment leadership is calling the shots.

  4. The only possible reason that Obama would be “obligated” to implement the Paris agreement is because Obama is a fully certifiable pure bred dumbass. It is only by legislation that is passed by Congress and duly signed into law by the sitting President that any President is ever obligated to an international agreement…..and even then the law can be repealed by a future Congress and President acting and passing future legislation in accordance with The Constitution.

    As for The United Nations…..Think eviction, not secession. Pull all the plugs and close all the valves that provide for their operating resource needs, then evict and send the miserable mess elsewhere.

  5. Heyyyy! Looking from outside the U.S. we definitely believe that the President of your country has no obligation whatsoever to swallow a document that would mean poverty and chaos if implemented as it now stands. Just let us all hope that she or he will grasp that in time and thereby show the way to the rest of the world.

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