2 thoughts on “UN Climate Panel to Explore What It Takes to Meet 1.5-Degree Warming Goal”

  1. The quickest way fix Earth’s Climate is to admit Earth’s heat source today is primarily the pulsar remnant of the supernova that exploded and birthed the entire solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago.

  2. Oliver: Another asinine comment, thank you. How is admitting the occurrence of a supernova 5 billion years ago going to fix the climate of the Earth? And you call yourself a scientist? Your obsessive daily repetition of strange mantras about WWII bombs, the interiors of ancient stars and government secrets is also making you (or rather, has made you) an embarrassment to serious climate skeptics. I hate to have to tell you this, but there is no connection between pulsars, nuclear secrets and climate. But perhaps you just like junk science!

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