5 thoughts on “U.N. Members Fear U.S. ‘Sabotage’ of Obama’s Climate Commitments”

  1. @Lorenz;
    Would you please name a few refs. that the rest of us could check so as to establish if O.M. is mistaken, crazy or right……
    He is unquestionably an expert on astro-geochemistry but has he lost the plot or what? …..Did Kuroda fool him and everyone else in the west?
    BTW, what is your assessment of Einstein’s ‘Train analogy’?

  2. It has been something, several decades too late… for the United States to get out of the Globalist socialist organization called the UN and remove the UN from our nation lock stock and barrel … so with the right president and congress we can achieve that very thing, … We have the Power to do it… why do most of the support with dollars and manpower and get nothing in turn. It is not good for our nation as a free sovereign constitutional Republic, which at this point the UN can override our constitution thanks to the politicians from both the Democrat and the “New” Republicans….

  3. So the UN seeks to interfere in our presidential election and intimidate our Supreme Court.

    Maybe the next president will also reduce/eliminate the US funding of the UN. They are even more concerned about that.

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