2 thoughts on “The FDA Is Turning Away from Science”

  1. The FDA, like all government agencies, is more political than scientific. The executive positions are all filled by political appointees who are there to advance the political agenda of whomever appointed them by ‘formulating’ policies with the force of law, although not with the legal status of law.
    From http://www.federaljobs.net/ses.htm :
    “The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a corps of approximately 7000 men and women who administer public programs at the top levels of federal government. Positions are primarily managerial and supervisory. SES pay is linked to individual performance. Basic annual salaries for 2015 range from $148,700 to $203,700.”
    The Federal Register indicates there are over 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in the federal government. Thus there are many SES appointees in every agency.
    Good luck trying to identify them all.

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