5 thoughts on “The Auto Emissions Crackup”

  1. Less demand for environ”mental” experts ? What a shame ? May be they would have to find a real job, paid for by real people rather than govt. agencies.

  2. We need emissions testing on the manufacturers of components for electric cars. What is the environmental impact of manufacturing, distributing, recharging, and recycling millions of high-capacity rechargeable batteries?

  3. moving the goalposts it the only way they can see to keep employed and inflate their empire. It’s a spoils system of the highest order.

    America’s biggest enemy is its own government.

  4. At planet California emission standards are negotiated in secret with CARB. It is difficult to understand how CARB was unable to discover this, given their special place in science, and their renoun.

  5. Based on my reading of the literature, current levels of NO2 have no health effects. The EPA itself gave up on NO2 as a health problem years ago.

    Milojevic A, Wilkinson P, Armstrong B, et al. (2014) Short-term effects of air pollution on a
    range of cardiovascular events in England and Wales: case-crossover analysis of the MINAP
    database, hospital admissions and mortality. Heart 100: 1093-1098

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