10 thoughts on “Scientific silencers on the left are trying to shut down climate skepticism”

  1. The “solution” regarding concern about carbon dioxide lies in understanding entropy and thermodynamics and recognizing that force fields create temperature gradients, not back radiation. You need to study what happens in real experiments and real studies, such as mine which shows real world data confirming water vapor cools rather than warms. You need to realize that rain forests with 4% water vapor are not 50 degrees hotter than drier regions, that the Sun’s radiation cannot make the surface hotter than it makes the middle of the troposphere and that mankind can do nothing about climate change which is 100% natural.

    A location on the Moon’s surface can cool by over 200 degrees in about two weeks, getting down to around -150°C on the dark side. Now, Antarctica is on the dark side of Earth for over three months in winter, but its temperature remains fairly steady in the vicinity of -50°C to -60°C. But there must be at least some loss of energy via radiation through the atmospheric window to Space. So what replenishes that energy? Clearly the difference between the Moon and the Earth has something to do with the atmosphere. Hence the energy must come from the atmosphere, but wherever the atmosphere is colder than the Antarctic surface, there can be no heat transfer by radiation. There can however be a process which increases entropy in accord with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and you can read about that process at https://itsnotco2.wordpress.com because that is where this mystery energy does in fact come from. When you understand this process and note the overwhelming evidence supporting its existence then, and only then, will you have a correct understanding as to why the radiative greenhouse is nothing but fiction.

    * Second law of thermodynamics: In a natural thermodynamic process, the sum of the entropies of the interacting thermodynamic systems increases.

  2. All scientific theories are wrong. However, some are useful to provide a narrow understanding of phenomena. Proof of the usefulness of a theory is to make machines with predictable performance. Many times, those very machines show the limitations of the theory when they fall short. Engineers are humbled and charlatans are exposed when the machines fail to deliver. Another theory is proposed, and on we go. It is one thing for investors to believe in a product and put their money where their mouth is, and another thing to extort other people’s money for controversial purpose. Turning society upside down because of faith in an un-tested (and un-testable) theory is not rational. There must be something else driving it. My theory is that the “Climate Change” movement is a manifestation of known human faults at work…jealousy,pride and greed. I can’t test that theory either, but I have faith.

  3. Great piece from George from the first to the last sentence.

    “Authoritarianism is always latent in progressivism…”

    It is exactly what I’m experiencing at my job, with its extreme liberal agenda and dictatorial, authoritarian, top down management and ostracizing/silencing anyone with alternative thoughts or science.

    Junk science is forced on us daily, as is their ideology and politics.

    “But they are progressives, so it is for our own good.”

  4. Acetech: Read today that real matter and so-called dark matter still come up way short in explaining how the galaxies stay together (assuming the astronomers know what they are talking about)

    Morons may provide the additional mass. Certainly an abundant supply.

  5. John: Scientists say the universe is made of Protons, Neutrons, Electrons but they forgot to mention Morons.

  6. The worst exploits of these opinionated imbeciles is that they are destroying SCIENCE by demanding that they are right and others wrong. SCIENCE is never completely right and that good SCIENCE always talks about limitation and potential other options.

  7. “…the supposedly “settled” conclusions of climate science.”???

    I’ve got news for the progressives (or, more accurately, regressives)…

    The term “settled science” is an oxymoron used by real morons to manipulate their fellow morons at the expense of everyone, moron or not.

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