Greens: Exxon ‘knew’ in 1957

“From 1957 onward, there is no doubt that Humble Oil, which is now Exxon, was clearly on notice” about rising CO2 in the atmosphere and the prospect that it was likely to cause global warming.”

From the NYTimes:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.57.02 AM

Yeah, but Thomas Jefferson fretted global warming in 1787.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.00.59 AM

LBJ ‘knew’ in 1965.

4 thoughts on “Greens: Exxon ‘knew’ in 1957”

  1. Wow. They knew about this before most of the warmists were even born, or even had a name for it! In the latter case, they seem to still be working on their branding.

  2. Pretty hilarious considering how the greens were screaming that the world was going to freeze in the 70’s. A little inconvienient fact for their argument.

  3. One of the most insidious of lies is the one that puts words into other people’s mouths, and when the victim protests, the liar demands “Well, prove me wrong then.”
    How can you prove you never said something in particular?
    Whatever form of denial the victim uses, then the liar accuses the victim of being a liar.

  4. Exxon should take them to court and insist that they prove that there is a causative link between carbon dioxide and climate change. There is no longer even a correlation. They should also take them to civil court and insist on massive damages, to drain their finances.
    This is being done strictly to punish the hated fossil fuel industry and hope to establish a fund to keep all these non-profits and the Democrat controlled states which are going bankrupt on the gravy train, while enriching their cronies. If Exxon roles over, they should first consider what happened to the coal industry that tried to placate these people.
    This is being done since if one reads proxy statements of large corporations these sorts of items are always being tried by activists to get voted in by shareholders but are always overwhelmingly rejected. As with Congress refusing to approve of these proposals, the radicals are trying to use the courts.

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