3 thoughts on “Our Friends at CEI Face a Subpoena Over Climate Dissent”

  1. Nearly all of the ‘bottom up’ analyses of over 100 GCMs run on super computers exhibit ‘epic failure’ to predict the average global temperature trend. A simple ‘top down’ analysis run on a desk top computer calculates average global temperatures that are a 97% match to measured values since before 1900 even when the effect of CO2 is ignored. Accounting for CO2 increases the match by only 0.1%. http://globalclimatedrivers.blogspot.com
    CEI might benefit from this finding.

  2. But no one in the Communist government wants Michael Mann to “Man up” and produce his emails.
    Or any of the various leftist infested government administrations.

  3. Very scary stuff. But at least, they are not facing the Inquisition, just a modern version.

    “In 1633 Galileo was formally interrogated for 18 days and on April 30 Galileo confesses that he may have made the Copernican case in the Dialogue too strong and offers to refute it in his next book. Unmoved, the Pope decides that Galileo should be imprisoned indefinitely. Soon after, with a formal threat of torture, Galileo is examined by the Inquisition and sentenced to prison and religious penances, the sentence is signed by 6 of the 10 inquisitors. In a formal ceremony at a the church of Santa Maria Sofia Minerva, Galileo abjures his errors. He is then put in house arrest in Sienna. After these tribulations he begins writing his Discourse on Two New Sciences…..

    Galileo remained under house arrest, despite many medical problems and a deteriorating state of health, until his death in 1642. The Church finally accepted that Galileo might be right in 1983.


    I wonder how long it will take for the academic world to recognize that the climate models might be flawed or wrong? The political world will just be the dominoes for funding something else.

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