2 thoughts on “Obama takes down largest US coal company”

  1. Seek and Destroy… it was part of his agenda, (Not only on Fossil Fuel) to destroy the US Economy– The Middle Class — and to “force” redistribution of wealth, and out of control Government dependency. AND WHERE IS CONGRESS ALL THE WHILE? Like a bunch of Monkeys — setting in the two chambers of Congress making false (Lies), while taking all the fraudulent graft from the Lobbyists and “Special Interest groups, raising their own salary’s, and letting Obama, Holder/Lynch, Kerry, and the Muslim Brotherhood push this once great nation ever so close to the “UN Socialist global government” take control of our Constitutional Sovereignty and freedoms in favor of “Sustainable Development,” THAT MY FRIEND, (Like the Monkeys) sitting around doing a lot of talking, and talking and doing a lot of nothing), THAT IS WHERE THE LIBERAL, ESTABLISHMENT CONGRESS IS DURING ALL OF THIS!

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