6 thoughts on “NYTimes: Save the planet by not carrying your cell phone”

  1. It’s hard to beat Terry’s response.
    But seriously, how far are they going to take this? Are they going to insist everyone take a laxative the night before and poop before boarding?

  2. I would be willing to wager that the combined weight of food and beverages carried on commercial aircraft [and often sold for a profit margin that would make a theater owner blush], averaged out from the total of both short haul and long haul flights, exceeds the total average weight of the cell phones carried on the same flights.
    If you really want to save fuel then put a fuel surcharge on every ticket, based on the combined weight of the passenger plus all of their luggage. Set the surcharge so that over time averaged out over all flights it covers the airlines fuel bill plus or minus three percent.
    Most people would take extra care in packing with the frequent traveler even taking weight into higher consideration when replacing luggage.

  3. I quote Ms. Rosenbloom: ” Paper production and pulpwood harvesting contribute to climate change and “threaten some of the last remaining natural forests and the people and wildlife that depend on them,” according to the WWF. ” I suspect, though, that she must have noticed the fact that trees grow bigger all the time and that cutting one down leaves room for ten new ones to start growing. She is also quite ignorant of the fact that modern forest harvesting is a highly sophisticated process with continual monitoring the effects of virtually every tree cut down and careful planning of planting new trees. WWF:s opinion is no surprise, they are well known for bending the truth according to need.
    Ms. Rosenbloom could start her flying campaign by weighing her underwear and other clothing when packing, wearing light jogging shoes insteasd of the high-heel stuff she is trodding in. Leaving the cell phone is a bad idea if you want to save trees; you cannot then have it scanned at the departure gate.
    It is funny how advocating saving the Earth gives you unlimited guarantee to write and speak things without any kind of common sense and have it published, too!

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