4 thoughts on “NYTimes: Making Way for Wind Power”

  1. Surveys of realtors found that transmission lines the height of GBE’s and RICL’s would lower property values 5-10 with fence line location and 15-20% through the property. The above named companies refuse to acknowledge any property devaluation. Add to that the fact that no electricity is dropped off in transmission line states and that green snobs out East don’t want to look at wind generators in the Great Lakes and Atlantic coast even though those are better locations than the Plains.

  2. The real problem with these are the fact that they want to run across good farm land instead of building next to existing public rights of way. The leading opponent are state DOTs not wanting them near the public’s highways.

  3. If these people objected to an oil well or a pipeline crossing their property, the NYT would go ballistic in the other direction.

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