4 thoughts on “How Democrats Win Debates By Corrupting The English Language”

  1. Just one of the myriad reasons why I have been advocating for a return to the McGuffy curriculum that was the recognized standard for primary through high school education prior to the corruption of the system by “progressive education”.
    The majority of todays college graduates [and a significant percentage of their full professors] would have difficulty achieving a passing mark on the 8th grade passing out examination under McGuffy, particularly those whose curriculum or degree involve the use of the code-word “studies”.

  2. Or like the ‘loophole” that allows the Clinton family, their friends and cronies to live like royalty by using funds raised for the “charity” called the Clinton Foundation.

  3. “Loophole” is a relative term. Like a ‘tax loophole’ or the ‘gun show loophole’, if you and your cronies use it, it is simple normal business practice. If your rivals and opponents also use it, it is cheating.

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