5 thoughts on “Global Warming Gives Science Behind Nuclear Winter a New Purpose”

  1. Due to Spell Check, my “tryst” became “trust”. Hmmmmmm. Anyway, as a former worker at the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada (aka Mercury), another question arises as more people get cancers due to exposure to above ground and underground radiation as late as 1969. …May not be a Nuclear Winter, but it sure is expensive. My cancer (AML) cost almost $400,000 and the government refused to respond to my requests for aid even though there are supposed to be funds to that purpose. Also, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal cancer patients are or were dealt a blow of government lying and deception.

  2. Hmm …. l seem to recall a good number of above ground nuclear tests conducted in the 1950’s by both superpowers. Why no “nuclear winter” as a result of this???

  3. If India and Pakistan have a nuke war, I hope the trouble spots in Afghanistan get “accidentally” hit as well.

  4. A nuclear trust between Pakistan and India might have some beneficial outcomes. Millions of screaming Hindus versus a greatly reduced Pakistan.

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