5 thoughts on “Former AMS Prez: A New Dark Age Looms”

  1. Awful lot of wiggle words in that piece.
    More speculative fiction than thoughtful insight.
    Did somebody get ~paid~ to write that drivel?

  2. Just another dreamer who is having their own nightmare and then trying to pass it off to others- ho hum.

  3. Remarkably, this is already happening as a result of climate science alarmism. Just look at Australia. They have a history of flooding and drought. It’s cyclical and predictable if you know how to read the oceans. But climate science predicted cyclical drought would become permanent drought so the Aussies built expensive desalination plants for water. They came on-line just as the rains came back so they now have desalination systems that mostly sit unused. Their biggest impact is on people’s bills. The permanent drought narrative also figured into the mis-management of the flood control systems above Brisbane, Australia. In the past, the water level of the catchments was reduced prior to arrival of major storms so it could handle the surge of water expected. The managers of the system failed to reduce water levels prior to the a large Pacific storm leading to flooding in the city.
    Climate science based models are leading to significant corruption of the climate record as weather “history” with its warm and cold periods. The record is being massaged to fit a linear model. The Australia experience shows how costly this charade can be.

  4. ‘Accumulated wisdom’ is history. It is never obsolete, it only gets forgotten by those vain enough to believe they don’t need it.
    On the other hand, those who believe that we are all getting stupider are merely expressing their personal experiences.
    Dark Ages are the product of deliberate suppression of knowledge by those in power – usually with political motives.
    The truth remains the truth, and only needs to be rediscovered by those who ignore the autocrats who wish to suppress it.
    “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. ” – Heinlein

  5. And I thought the world was going to end in 2000, or was it 2001?

    Just another futurist proclaiming the end of something that will cause something to happen to mankind.

    Most of these never happen.

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