5 thoughts on “El Nino Weakens, Here Comes La Nina, Meteorologists Say”

  1. If you look at the UAH monthly satellite global temp data (or RSS data) from 1980 until about 1995 and then look at the temp from about 2001 until now, it almost looks like the El Niño/la Niña years cause a step change in average global temp. Has anyone ever looked into potential mechanisms?

  2. If half the population is of average intelligence,then half the population cannot be below average intelligence;this would leave out those who are above average intelligence.Think twice,post once.

  3. Interestingly enough, El Nino began weakening as soon as it was deemed ‘strong’ this year and now we have the other side of the merry go round coming: La Nina. Curious indeed. The names apparently are for those who form opinions while listening to NPR in their Volvos. The name is the reality, not the weather.

  4. “Six out of the last 10 moderate or strong El Ninos since 1950 have been followed quickly by a La Nina.” The rest were just lesser variations… “Duh” to the climate nuts. According to all the many forms of physical science (Newtonian; Relativistic; Thermodynamic Fluidics; etc.) there is always a balancing response for each variation. Admittedly, half the population is below average intelligence, but how does that explain the people promoting this line of nonsense?

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