4 thoughts on “Dutch politicians trying to ban sales of gasoline-powered cars by 2025”

  1. Why is it that we don’t use the mechanical power of an electric motor to drive an electrical generator while we use the output of the generator to power the motor? Heck, maybe the two component system could be designed to produce a surplus of electricity so that we could even sell the surplus energy so it can be used for other purposes.

    It’s not the intent that is a problem, but, boy oh boy, the design is one fouled up mess.
    F. U. B. A. R., even. That seems to be a universal trait when government involves itself in just about anything — even governing.

  2. Copied from the first comment above:
    “We need a reliable and efficient source of renewable energy there is no doubt.”

    I think just about all of us would agree with that. Now, what we will need first is for some really creative legislator somewhere to write a creative piece of legislation that amends and modifies the fundamental laws of physics to make the functional changes that we must have if we are to have a good, “reliable and efficient source of renewable energy.”
    Otherwise, it just ain’t gonna happen.
    Or maybe just leave off the ‘otherwise’ and go with the basic statement.
    Additionally, without the economic endeavors that are powered with the use of energy that is provided by traditional sources of energy there will be no money for subsidizing ‘alternative’ sources of energy.

    Do you reckon that maybe the economic endeavors that are powered by electricity from wind turbines will be able to subsidize solar while solar is powering economic endeavors that are generating the cash for subsidizing wind turbines…..or some such?

  3. That’s okay, they don’t have any great distance to travel anyway, I doubt very seriously that ten years is enough to develop Electric powered vehicles with the sustainability needed to power them efficiently. and the little ‘roller skate’ size will not meet the need of even a four passenger family vehicle. They should have started devoting their research several decades ago in order to even realistically meet the goal in this century. They know that, and the UN knows that. We need a reliable and efficient source of renewable energy there is no doubt. But it won’t matter whatsoever if the globalists and the UNs Agenda 21/30 are actually put into effect, because you and I will only have need to worry about our donkey and cart.

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