7 thoughts on “Drowning History: Sea Level Rise Threatens US Historic Sites”

  1. Ummmm … ASSUMING there is anything true about this claim, have they spoke with the Dutch? They seem to have solved the issue of sea flooding a number of centuries ago.

  2. Hold on to your wallets folks. This is just another money grab by the enviro-hucksters.
    If any of these sites are actually threatened, ~real~ science can demonstrate that the problem is land subsidence, not some [as pointed out by tadchem] magical rise in the local sea level.

  3. One of the undeniable facts of physics is the ‘mystery’ that water flows downhill. Gravity will ALWAYS move water from higher places to lower places. The average sea surface is exactly perpendicular to the gravity gradient. (I say ‘average’ to allow for waves, storm surges, and tides.)
    Thus “mean sea level” is the same all around the world; any long-term (over 24 hr) local deviations from the global mean sea level datum are due exclusively to concurrent changes in the mean LAND level – uplift or subsidence.
    Atmospheric CO2 levels cannot have any effect upon land levels.

  4. Taking a phrase from one of my favorite video games, “the true blessings of nature lie in renewal, not a slavish maintenance.”
    … and one from my late uncle: “History is like a newspaper, you should learn from it, but once that is accomplished, it’s only fit for lining bird cages.”

  5. I love how they threw in the tripe about increased storm activity. I guess they’re banking on public ignorance about the reduction in storm activity as the earth warms!

  6. Here’s the give away :” where the rate of sea level rise is among the fastest in the world” .

    Sea level rise due to supposed warming would be the same the world over, if it’s greater in this area then it is due to local conditions, like the situation in Venice.

  7. This is laugh-out-loud funny. Whenever there is coastal flooding brought on by a hurricane or other such event, the Watermelons lash out on those who were affected, because “they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Further, when coastal governments want to do something about beach erosion, the Watermelons scream that doing so is not natural. Now they are screaming to fight the sea level rise (read: “beach erosion”) because it fits their template about AGW. My first thought is that can’t make this stuff up, but that would be wrong. The Watermelons did make this stuff up.

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