3 thoughts on “Claim: Signs Are Promising That Economies Can Rise as Carbon Emissions Decline”

  1. Note the strawman argument of “carbon pollution” as if CO2 is big chunks of charcoal-like particulates.

    Everyone, stop breathing and lets ignore what plants thrive on.

    And when certain neo-Marxist “economists” and agencies like those cited depend on lies for their funding you can bet they will keep lying.

    Follow the money.

  2. Take a close, systemic look at how GDP is measured, compiled and calculated. It will become obvious how easy it has been to “phony-up” the numbers that are being calculated and then reported. It is a farcical number whose primary purpose is to try to elicit and grow support for a terminally corrupt political system. And in this case, it makes no difference which political party may be in power. Whichever party is in power becomes captive to the various phony economy statistics, the phony GDP among them.

  3. I also remember claims that:
    1. all the eagles were going to be extinct because we used DDT
    2. an ice age with glaciers etc was coming
    3. if the population ever exceeded 4+ billion we were all going to die from starvation
    4. oil was going to run out by 2000
    5. global warming will eventually kill us all

    I am still waiting.

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