One thought on “Claim: Half Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Northern Coral ‘Dead or Dying’-Scientists”

    For the last few days the Warmist have being misleading that: ‘’95% of the northern part of the Barrier Reef is getting bleached; stressed from extreme hot water’’. They brought here even the not so honorable minister for the reef, Greg Hunt, to reward their lies and promote the phony ‘’global’’ warming. THE TRUTH: in El Nino years, as it is now – east Pacific of Chilean coast is much warmer / Barrier Reef water is much colder. B] in La Nina is opposite, reef water is warmer -> when ‘’warmer water’’ evaporation increases, evaporation is cooling process -/- more evaporation=> more clouds, clouds are sun umbrellas for the reef. Because of COLDER water this year, was LESS evaporation – Cape York attached to the northern half of the reef got less than 20% of the rain than usually gets when is warmer water. The cape, size of Britain doesn’t tell lies / Warmist climatologist / marine biologist do tell lots of lies.
    2]corals love warmer water; around Indonesia, in Red sea and around other Pacific islands water is always warmer than on Barrier reef and; if no industrial pollution, their coral is beautiful (only industrial pollution is new to the coral, doesn’t know how to handle it). SO: the pictures they are showing on TV, especially ABC, are pictures probably from Atlantic, Red sea coral; where is lots of industrial pollution discharged – now they are presenting it as if it is from the waters of Cape York on northern Barrier Reef, #2: On their boats, the poo not to stink, they put formaldehyde, potent killer of everything – occasionally dump the poo on the reef, to avoid paying for disposal -> that bleaches some coral on 20m2, where water is calm –suitable for Warmist Organized Crime marine biologist, to sell their phony global warming and increase their importance for more power and cash. It’s hard for Warmist to make Mr. Hunt to assist them as it’s difficult to force the cat to eat a sardine.. just ABC to love him…
    3] because I kept informing the public for last 3,5 years that: ‘’salt is alkaline – seawater will never be acidic, unless they manage to take the salt out of the seawater. They got stuck into warmer water now; on WRONG YEAR, when is El Nino on the reef… In reality; seawater is pH8,3 – needs to get BELOW pH7, to START getting acidic. a] carbonic acid is almost not acidic – your blood always has more of it than seawater will ever have. B] carbonic acid is basic food for the coral, the more carbonic acid => more and healthier coral. C] coral, algae, seagrass cannot get out of the water, to collect CO2 – is brought to them in a carbonic acid compound – they keep the carbon for themselves and release the oxygen from the CO2 molecule in the water for the fish and other critters, perfect setup. D] because corals and algae that give the beautiful colors to the corals evolved long before was any fossil fuel and trees – all carbon today trapped in vegetation and fossil fuel was some in the air, most in the seawater, ‘’corals and those algae are a very lousy carbon collectors’’ – need much more co2 than what the modern trees need it.
    4] Australians and people of the world, coral is not bleaching -/- global warming doesn’t exist -/- seawater is not acidic, river water is acidic, especially from rainforests brings the more potent acidic compounds as nitric and sulfuric acid; but is beautiful drinking water. B] marine biologist as big part of the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) are using the reef to promote Marxist non-existent global warming. There are more marine biologist diplomas in Australia than fishing trawlers, and they are coming out more of them from university as from the sausage machine – prefer the reef to suffer, so they can get more cash and power = nothing less than extortion. They are badmouthing coal, to make it bottom price, because Australia exports lots of coal = as treason. Kept ‘’predicting’’ that Australia will get dryer; because they are against dams, which improve the climate. If it gets ‘’dryer’’ does that mean that on the bottom of the reef, where the coral is, will get dryer…?! Only 23 million people, half of the fish consumed is imported.
    5] marine biologist kept informing on the lefty’s Trumpet ABC, that ‘’the reef is 5 billion dollars profit a year – as if they made the reef and want gratitude. Reality: the cheapest labor is in hospitality – from bed sheets to spoons and forks, souvenirs and most of other thing tourist use and buy is imported. Only the fresh food and stakes that OZ farmers produce – and OZ farmers are marine biologist’ best punching ball. It’s not like saying to tourist -”SLIDE THE MONEY UNDER THE DOOR, AND PISS OFF”’ needs lots of work and investment, and electricity for motels nd++++B] people from around the world and around Australia – make it as a pilgrimage, at least ones in you life to visit the best place on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef; coral is not bleached, is better than ever, they are lying. Wet season is almost over – ask to see the northern part of the reef and get beautiful pictures from colorful corals and present to everybody to see that: WOC are using Greg Hunt, lefty minister in the former conservative party – to endorse and reward Warmist marine biologist liars.

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