5 thoughts on “Choose your gender: Parents blast barmy council for telling kids as young as 4 to pick sex ’they identify with’”

  1. “Assigned at birth.” How the ideological language creeps in and pollutes thinking. Gender (i.e. sex) is never “assigned” – it is determined, at conception not birth, by the presence or lack of a Y chromosome, and morphologically self-evident. There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  2. Bizarre……would be hilarious if not accepted as ‘academic’ by thoughtless people [sadly, the great majority]…..
    For starters your gender is masculine, feminine or neuter:
    Your sex is male or female, and this is a biological fact-of-life, not a personal choice……
    Of course the term ‘sex’ has been pejorativized into a euphemism
    for ‘copulation’ over about the last half-century……

  3. All of this “transgender” thing is based on pure fantasy. We are expected to accommodate anyone’s fantasy about anything regardless of how it affects others.

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