8 thoughts on “China looks to export surplus energy to Germany”

  1. No one ever claimed that the ecoterrorists were consistent in their rantings. The greens are perfectly fine with using steel and electricity produced by countries with no pollution controls as long as “their” government is bankrupting itself and its citizens. Sheesh!!!

  2. To the Greens, this sounds like a deal made in Heaven. It’s a Win – Win scenario. An end to rising CO2 emissions (in Europe) coupled with cheaper electricity prices.

    To the politicians, this is also a winning proposal. No more factories = high unemployment = higher percentage of voters dependent upon government welfare = more sheep to lead to the polls.

  3. This is the part I don’t understand, The Europeans are killing themselves to stop global warming and CO2 emissions, but they are doing it by shutting down factories and power plants in Europe and basically sending them over to China which has no CO2 controls. China gets the money and the factory and we eject more CO2 into the air because we have to build a new factory.

    Then you get elitist economists saying – oh it doesn’t matter where a product is made because net transfer payments due to trade deficits are zero – while folks in Europe and the US sit home unemployed, due to poor government policies.

    This world had gone crazy.

  4. You’d have to have fantastically high voltages to do it, otherwise line losses would eat it all up before it arrived at its destination – what – six thousand miles or so away. In turn, that means that the lines would be too big to string from tower to tower. And that in turn means that you’d have to bury them.

    Can you say major infrastructure project?

    At least they probably won’t have to contend with a lot of stalling NIMBY lawsuits until it reaches Germany.

    Read about line losses here:


    Just a thought.


  5. Not very difficult since electricity in Germany has extremely high prices due to an irresponsible policy of promotion of subsidized renewables.

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