2 thoughts on “Australia’s Attorney General says global warming science is not settled”

  1. Keep in mind that at its peak, the atmosphere contained about 700 times current CO2 levels over half a billion years ago (about 30% CO2 in the atmosphere). That is where all the chalk (calcium carbonate) comes from in the Dover cliffs of England for example. 700 times with a similar climate -just keep saying that over and over again until it sinks in that a doubling or tripling of CO2 levels will not change local temperatures if 700 times did not. For additional illustration-if we liquefied the whole atmosphere it would be a layer of liquid 14 feet thick. The CO2 would be a frozen layer (CO2 does not liquefy at normal pressure) with thickness of 2.6 mm or about the thickness of two CD’s. This is about the thickness of the frost on your windshield in the morning.

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