4 thoughts on “Yale shuts down climate change institute”

  1. Originally headed by IPCC’s Pachauri,

    Rajendra K. Pachauri will lead the newly established Yale
    Climate and Energy Institute (YCEI), Yale University President
    Richard C. Levin has announced.

    How are the mighty fallen, hoisted by his own petard, you might say….


  2. Yale students should know: because consensus. As if anyone at Yale will have a problem getting a cushy six-figure job upon graduation, even in their equivalent of the standard liberal arts college offering an Underwater Russian Basket Weaving degree.

  3. I wonder if this means the end of The Yale Climate Forum? If so, it’ll be no great loss, because it is a propaganda tool, which they only pretend is a “forum.” (That especially irks me because I was born at Yale.)

    The Yale Climate Forum is very strictly censored to prevent expression of dissenting opinions and inconvenient information. When they were spreading blatant lies about the NC Sea Level bill, I tried in vain to set the record straight, but their Bud Ward just deleted my messages.

  4. Memorandum to all the precious snowflakes:
    If you don’t like the curriculum change then make a school change.

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