8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Buy Organic, And Why You Might Not Want To Either”

  1. German organic brussels sprout = 27 dead, Fukishima = 0 dead. Think about the hysteria behind Fukishima vs the adoration for organic food and you will understand how easily humanity is duped by propaganda!!

  2. Since I don’t eat barbed wire, glass, palladium, platinum or plutonium I am “eating organic”. 😉

  3. Organic kills, the farmers rely on manure to fertilize the fields if it not age properly the organic food ends up contaminated with e-coli. There was a reason why my mother and her mother boiled the hell out of vegetables when I was young. Our garden did not get manure back then but not only did my grandmothers did it often got the runoff from the outhouse when it rained heavily. I am of a generation the outhouse runoff was no longer a problem since indoor toilets and modern plumbing had arrived to rural america. Somehow all that is lost on the organic movement even though they poison people regularly.

  4. The organic food industry is dependent on hysteria generated by propaganda and hyperbole, which convinces ignorant and gullible consumers to pay premium prices for product that is never better, and, in the case of fresh produce, noticeably inferior to its conventionally-grown counterpart. I have a big veggie garden, and I love farmers’ markets, but I will never, ever buy anything that says “organic.”

  5. Also the organic farmers get an indirect subsidy from the non organic ones. If you grow tomatoes and your organic tomato farm is smack in the middle of tomato alley – the farmers around you are spraying for the bugs that are most problematic, and therefore those bugs are less likely to get to your field. To the extent they do, you are also helping with insect resistance to pesticides which causes harm to everyone as well.

    The whole organic movement is a parasitic fraud.

  6. There is also the problem of lower yield causing food price increases for everyone. If your acre of land was once producing twice as much food, and now isn’t – even those buying conventional food will end up paying more, because the total food available is now more scarce.

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