4 thoughts on “Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis”

  1. South Africa has old, badly maintained coal fired power stations (and a LOT of coal). But there is insufficient available power in Winter for all required uses. So, industrial growth has stopped, homes and businesses suffer ‘load shedding’ with rotating 2-hour blackouts 2-3 times a week, and a lot of misery all round. Now this is due to simply incompetence on the part of the ANC Government. I hate to think what might of happened if it had been DELIBERATE!

  2. Well, it’s obvious that they do not have enough renewable energy.
    We must immediately ship them at least 25,000 leftist environMENTALists.
    While they tell them in detail what they MUST do to save the planet, they can run human powered generators.

  3. With Capitalism you could never give *everybody* 3 days off in the same week or ration electricity AND water for months at a time, but then you would not need to.
    China understands Capitalism, probably better than we do, and could build coal-fired power plants in a few months to provide the electricity and produce potable water.
    Making a profit is far more rewarding than making everybody else bend to your will.

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