4 thoughts on “‘Pay as you throw’ cuts waste and encourages recycling, French report finds”

  1. Will I then be able to back bill the Post Office for all the junk mail/advertising that they keep forcing on me?
    Since it all goes into the recycling bin and accounts for about 50% of the entire paper waste stream from our household, the remainder being nearly all packaging materials from food or other household products, the elimination of this source of waste material would make for a significant reduction in the “carbon footprint” represented by this one source.

  2. Indeed. is already implemented in the Netherlands for years. Container has rfid to identify your container. Result… people start to dump garbage in another town, someone else container. In the end those municipalities with this system have higher prices, more dumping of garbage and even worse, the cost of recycling exceeds gain by a large margin.

  3. Garbage trucks will have scales? We will get a bill? Well, lemma think. If we are taxed zero dollars for pick -up, that would eliminate inequality of a widower paying the same as a young family of 7!

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