7 thoughts on “Palo Alto to tackle climate change, block by block”

  1. Sign in front yard reads “No Trespassing. Violators will be shot on sight.” Works every time.

  2. What is the number assigned to the choice to take no action at all?
    Or would that be “action recipe”number 113……
    If I am reluctant to participate in this social engineering project how much am I going to be compensated for my time that could be better used for other purposes?
    “Block Leaders” – are these the same people that manage to get elected to Homeowners Associations and annoy all the other residents?

  3. The next step, if i recall my history correctly, is to require ‘deniers’ to wear identifying clothing accessories such as armbands or clothing patches.

  4. Ok, hear me out. I agree that this may not have any effect on climate change, and is annoying to the point of harassment to those of us already following science.


    There is, no doubt a large population that doesn’t pay attention to anything of significance on a wide range of subjects. This might be a way to insert some awareness about the world other than what the Kardashians are up to.

    At the very least, the result of this door-to-door may be a few people paying attention to their wasteful, ignorant behaviors that will have some positive effect on their lack of awareness or interest in anything outside their own world.

    I mean, yes, it’s propaganda, but may have some benefits regardless.

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