3 thoughts on “OECD rejects EU industry’s carbon leakage arguments”

  1. Actually, small businesses manufacturing specialty chemicals are thriving in some neighbourhoods. They’re called meth labs.

  2. All regulations on manufacturing eventually increase the price of the product. Look how many small businesses that manufactured unique specialty chemicals have already folded under the prohibitive costs incurred with REACh compliance.

  3. The usual blather of the redistributionists.
    Increased costs for industry does not affect the bottom line?
    If we elect someone who can gut the EPA rules, then we can bring back these industries from Europe and further impoverish these social democracies so the people can all be equally unemployed and poor.
    They will instead set up illogical comparisons with how much money is saved from imaginary health improvements and climate preservation.
    They are more concerned about CEO’s making too much compared to “average” employees.

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