4 thoughts on “Obama fuel economy standards based on gas prices double today’s”

  1. The EPA in is wisdom has introduced fuel economy standards for heavy trucks. After reducing the fuel economy of truck by adding DEF (urea fluid into the exhaust), which lowered fuel economy by about 20 percent,(from 6.5 to around 5 mpg) they now think they can regulate fuel economy on a truck which hauls around 80000 lbs plus (with permitting) up to 12 miles per gallon.
    Trying to build a lightweight truck is foolish, it needs to be strong to carry the weight.
    I know a truck owner who keeps his old trucks on the road as they use 30 gallons diesel less per trip, than a 2012 model that he bought.

  2. Good to know automobile manufacturers are showing signs of not taking these pie-in-the-sky standards without resistance. They are already laying down the groundwork for the post-Obama era… Ten months from now.

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