3 thoughts on “Obama administration offers $66 million to aid coal communities”

  1. Strange how this is being proven out, in the Obama backed UN “climate change” global warming agenda, and how it is Obama’s way to stop fossil fuel global production. and believe me, thus far the government “re-training” programs have done nothing to help the displaced Workers from the Auto industry; except make them more government dependent, … Could it be, that Obama’s style of Marxism and a socialist nation in the North American Union, of the global UN global government, is actually a reality in our nation, and not just “something that could happen”? Have we become so delusional as to not admit it is now effecting every man, woman, and child in our once sovereign free and great nation?

  2. It is only in the strange little parasitoidic foreign country that’s called The District of Columbia that a creature this bizarre could be hatched. But then many of them did consider the policies of ‘Helicopter’ Ben to be serious national policy.

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