5 thoughts on “Nature Commentary: Scientists aren’t sufficiently Marxist”

  1. “Free market”? Don’t make me laugh.

    Keep Big Government out of the economy then we can talk.

  2. Exactly how does one recession discredit the entire free market system (particularly since it was government meddling in the U.S. housing finance market that precipitated the problem)? The real problem with the present system for Dr. Macilwain is that he and his ilk don’t run it.

  3. Well, taxpayer funded, university research is replicating less than 50% of the time. Some estimates are as high as 90% of the time. University scientists should realize the cat is out of the bag; their work is mostly junk. Taxpayers may say, why fund any of them?

  4. Exactly. To attribute the nexus of politics and science with the current system of research funding to a “free market philosophy” betrays an ignorance of economics that rivals the ignorance of those bemoaning global warming and other pseudoscientific “crises”.

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