5 thoughts on “NASA’s chief climate scientist admits record warm temps due to El Nino”

  1. Would anyone be able to point me to a site showing graphs comparing unadjusted temperature records vs adjusted temperature records please?

  2. Shouldn’t Gavin be sacrificing whats left of his personal integrity on the altar of the Theory of AGW? This is too little too late.

  3. I agree with the great walrus – freedom of speech is precious and your primaries are testament to the fact that many of the incumbents push the truth to the limit ‘BUT’ with freedom of speech you are also welcome to voice a alternate view – what it seems to me is that when someone in the US wants to air an alternate concept then others want to shut them up rather than oppose with valid argument.

  4. Great Walrus:
    If you know more about O.K.M.’s specialty than he does, or if your qualifications are better than his, or if you can refute what he claims, let us hear it and at least provide credible counter-arguments so we can put these issues into perspective…….
    Otherwise, please consider that he may be right and frustrated that nobody has listened to him or pointed out where he is mistaken……

  5. As if any of the drive-by-media will actually care about that part! He will now surely be ostracized for actually going against the flat-Earther-warmist movement!!

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