German federal cabinet approves Paris ‘deal’

From (Google translation):

German cabinet agrees climate agreement

The agreed at the World Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015 agreement is a turning point for international climate protection. It is the first climate change agreement that addresses all countries jointly accountable. Today the Federal Cabinet has approved the agreement.

The agreements reached in Paris, the international community is committed to the goal of limiting global warming to well below two degrees. In addition, give the states the goal to become greenhouse gas neutral in the second half of the century. The resistance is to be increased to the effects of climate change.

The Convention gives all countries a clear mandate to systematically implement ambitious climate protection. In order to check regularly whether the national climate contributions of States are sufficient, there is a five-yearly review and Ambitionsmechanismus.

One thought on “German federal cabinet approves Paris ‘deal’”

  1. Typical.
    No vote by the German citizenry allowed.

    and this:
    “… 2015 agreement is a turning point for international climate protection …”

    No, it’s the bridge too far which is awakening the previously duped.

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