2 thoughts on “February has warmest monthly anomaly in satellite record”

  1. Let’s see, the Earth is 6 billion years old and I think all sides of the AGW debate agree, right? And maybe can take the last billion years as our tested interval, since most scientists agree, from all sides, that this is the period where O2 and N2 dominated the atmosphere and there was life on the planet.

    So the “record-keeping” in the graph shows us about the last 0.000004 % of that billion years.

    Real “science” does not take 0.000004% of the data set and the start claiming “records”.

  2. Wait, what? This graph appears to say that–even when using the most conservative data-set and Spencer’s still unpublished beta methods for smoothing and analysis–the average global temperature is in fact increasing, and that the El Nino of 1997-98 is no longer the warmest on the UAH satellite record.

    But that can’t be. Please issue a correction as soon as possible, or folks may take this news the wrong way.

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