EPA refuses to release conflict of interest disclosure forms for outside science advisors

More than secret science. Now we have secret conflicts of interest.

EPA recently named the members of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) Particulate Matter Review Panel for 2015-2018.

This is the body of outside science advisors that EPA uses to review (read “rubberstamp”) EPA’s junk science fueled jihad against U.S. industry via abuse of the Clean Air Act.

I asked EPA for the conflict of interest disclosure documents for the group. I was refused — even after allowing for redaction of any truly confidential business information.

Here is the e-mail chain between me at Aaron Yeow, the EPA employee who manages CASAC.

Many of these CASAC members are EPA contractors. Conflicts of interest are likely rife. EPA is trying to keep it a secret.

A FOIA request has been made. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “EPA refuses to release conflict of interest disclosure forms for outside science advisors”

  1. The EPA is a rogue agency that is so arrogant that the only solution is to Close them down. It has been estimated that 1.1 million people were killed in all american wars
    Since the EPA’s ban on DDT an estimated 50 million people died from malaria.
    Congress approved it as safe when used correctly but the EPA banned it anyway.
    Since then they have terrorized business and land owners for any reason they want to.
    Now it’s fossil fuels that is in their sights. They have outlived their need. They have morphed into a bunch of government workers trying to justify their job.

  2. I believe it was either last December or a year ago last December, one who had written a diet book, in his advertising, had misrepresented what was in the book, and a court sentenced him to ten years in prison. But “everyone knows” that government can do no wrong. They have “nothing to hide”. Please excuse me while I go throw up.

  3. The next USAG will need a rather large investigating staff and a lot of subpoena forms.
    They may even need a new federal prison for the many bureaucrats that need to do the time now that they have done the crime.

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