Do gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths?

The only important thing from this study is…

While our review is not proof that gun laws reduce violence…

No, it’s not. And our Second Amendment rights are not dependent on statistics (bogus or not), anyway.

The media release is below.


Do gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths?

A study by researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health looked at the associations between firearm-related laws and firearm homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries and deaths. The paper is the first to explore the evidence from around the world on gun laws and gun violence to determine whether gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths. While the research did not conclusively prove that restrictions, or relaxation of laws, reduce gun deaths, the results indicate that gun violence tended to decline after countries passed new restrictions on gun purchasing and ownership. Findings are published online in the February issue of Epidemiologic Reviews.

The researchers reviewed the findings from 130 studies conducted from 1950 to 2014 in 10 countries that had overhauled their gun law, mostly in the developed world, including the U.S., Australia, and Austria. A few studies looked at gun laws in middle-income countries, including Brazil, Colombia and South Africa.

“In most countries, we saw evidence of reduction in the firearm death rates after the enactment of firearm legislation” said Julian Santaella-Tenorio, a doctoral student in Epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School and the study’s lead author.

Santaella-Tenorio and his Columbia co-authors, Professors Magdalena Cerdá and Sandro Galea, also found evidence that specific laws, such as background checks and rules on storage, reduced specific kinds of gun deaths including intimate partner homicides and firearm unintentional deaths in children, respectively.

By comparison, laws in place about carrying concealed weapons or standing your ground either had no effect on gun deaths or increased gun violence. “While our review is not proof that gun laws reduce violence, and also taking into account that for some countries there are very few papers examining firearm laws effects, we did see evidence showing an association between firearm laws and a decline in firearm homicide and suicide rates,” noted Santaella-Tenorio.

“Since we limited our review to changes in firearm policy and not ownership in general or other types of policy, the debate should not end here.”


3 thoughts on “Do gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths?”

  1. See John Lott and you’ll see that this is BS. he already did all this.
    The UK had a upsurge in gun violence after each of their gun control laws and I read that Australis did too.
    Like the idiot NY governor (deBlasio?) who was happy for the increase in stabbings, as that showed the gun control laws worked.
    1) What new gun control laws did he put in?
    2) Is there a drop in gun shootings/deaths, or just an increase in stabbings?

  2. “In most countries, we saw evidence of reduction in the firearm death rates after the enactment of firearm legislation”

    Which is a Junk “Science” statement carefully designed to point towards a wrong conclusion.
    What needs to be looked at is the effect on ~overall~ violence.
    A careful study of the FBI Crime Statistics Data Base shows that, when firearms controls are implemented, the rates of violence increase for other categories tracking things such as kitchen knives and items such as baseball bats and tire irons. Please note that there are many categories tracked in the FBI Stats. and the examples sited are for illustration purposes only and not a comprehensive list.
    To ignore the effects of violence in other areas is a typical tactic of people with an agenda to dismantle the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Without the Second Amendment all other specified protections are in peril.

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