3 thoughts on “Claim: Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt Lives of Millions”

  1. It has already disrupted my life, even though I live 90 miles inland.
    I see the damage when I do my tax return.

  2. The “height” of sea level is zero feet above sea level in the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar. Everywhere else it is zero meters above sea level. Always has been, is now, and always will be. By definition, sea level cannot rise (or fall); it is the zero point relative to which all elevations are measured. Land elevations might decrease.

  3. The increase in ocean volume from any additional water from whatever source causes the relatively thin ocean floor to slump into the viscous mantle under the added weight in accordance with the laws of Isostacy. Therefore, sea levels at the shorelines are balanced and continental masses may even be pushed up by the displaced mantle material to compensate. This has always happened. Isostacy and Eustatics determine sea levels – not the amount of water in the oceans.

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