4 thoughts on “Claim: Humans have turned soil into a ‘global warming machine’”

  1. CO2 is released from the soil by tillage. Organic farming relies on tillage instead of herbicides to control weeds. ‘Progressives’ enamored with organic are willing to pay farmers a premium to till their soil and release more CO2. Then, will munching on food produced the way great-grandpa farmed it, they harp about how others are causing global warming. What we really need is a bark control collar for progressives!!

  2. So, we should not only stop using fuel for cooking, warmth, cooling, driving, flying, we now can stop eating.

  3. More of the war on our food supplies. Food is only supposed to be for our “elite”, the rest of us are supposed to starve to death. Our farms and ranches are supposed to be for “recreation for the elite” not for growing food. (Ireland before the potato famine and “Irish revolution”)

  4. They re-examined *the sums*, meaning they didn’t do any actual measurements, they have no baseline references, nothing quantitative…but a lot of chutzpah.

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