5 thoughts on “Canada delays new climate plan as provinces rebel”

  1. Liston up! This is the government and I’m telling you I’m not telling you what to do, so go do as I say. Got It!

  2. Sure. Canada can cut emissions by 30%.

    That would mean either 30% of its population will freeze to death or move down South to survive the cold.

  3. See Ian Plimer NOT FOR GREENS [2014] “It has yet to be shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive climate change. In fact there is only evidence to the contrary. [26] …carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing and temperature has not. [31]

  4. What is the correct ideal level of carbon dioxide? If lower is better, then 0% is best, although that means no life on earth. Maybe the UN can outlaw combustion and oxidation.

  5. The last thing Canada or anywhere else needs is a so called climate change policy. Trudeau and most of his henchmen/women are mostly too stupid to know that of course. They recently held a wake for Maurice Strong, the UN climate guru, until he went into exile in China after leaving the UN under suspicion of having enriched himself during the Iraq oil for food racket. A similar fate befell the famous Patchauri who was accused of sexual abuse. Not that it should surprise us that the climate bandwagon is largely driven by the usual political entrepreneurs, whose first aim is to enrich themselves in the name of saving humanity.

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