2 thoughts on “What warmists really want — to buy the planet another 4 billion”

  1. ‘Runaway greenhouse effect’ my eye! When the sun starts to grow brighter it will simply ROAST the planets – atmosphere or not.
    The ‘greenhouse effect’ refers to a situation in which convection has been prevented as a mechanism for removing heat from a sun-warmed surface.

  2. Lets see – – –
    Historical record – circa 6000 years of recorded history for mankind
    Chicken Little is worrying about – an event circa 500 Million years from now.
    Which begs the question: IF evolution is correct what will Homo Sapien have evolved into in that length of time?
    Which raises the further questions:
    A. Given the ephemeral nature of civilizations over the time scale involved, as documented in the historical records, ~why~ are you wasting your life and energies on something that you have no control over and can’t even accurately predict ~when~ the event will happen?

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