7 thoughts on “Warren Buffett says it’s ‘highly likely’ climate change poses a major problem for the planet”

  1. The more important point from Buffet owner of the worlds largest catastrophic weather insurer and GenRe By the far the largest reinsurer of Cat weather events is that Thad last 2 decades have shown No increase in the incidence or financial claims paid for the impact of severe weather! In other words it is a statistical LIE that Global Warming is causing a significant increase in severe weather events. This is confirmed by US Weather service tracking data which show No Trend for increasing frequency or severity of weather events. The whole foundation of Climate Change is based on a verifiable Lie. All that is left is that GW may cause and increase in severe weather in the next 100 years with Zero evidence to support the case. How can millions of “so call climate scientist cling to so obvious a lie??

  2. Maybe he ought to pass the age-old litmus test……. if you had to spend your own money to make changes in your own business based on the present state of climate science….. would you?

    Or, would you take a wait and see attitude?

    Our gov’t should take that litmus test before spending our money.

  3. Why does any one listen to him?
    Remember, he makes a lot of money with railroad transportation of Canada oil and is against the pipeline (would stop his train money).
    He isn’t going to ever tell you how to make money, other than investing in HIM.
    Beyond that, what training does he have?

  4. I think ‘ole Warren is getting it backwards. It’s more “highly likely” that climate change is not a problem.

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