4 thoughts on “WaPo: States don’t have a strong case against EPA climate rules”

  1. I love this line “.. there is no more fitting tool for the task.”. Hmm. Perhaps that is because the task is completely outside of the authority granted to the EPA, and there is no legal tool available for the task. When I read an article like this in the WaPo, all I can do is shake my head in amazement.

  2. Versailles on the Potomac is applicable.

    Notice how WaPo does not discuss if the EPA even has the statutory authority to create the Clean Power Plan, since this never enters the mind of a liberal pushing a cause.

  3. The District of Columbia is a strange little parasitoid foreign country that is infested with anti-Americans to whom the Citizens of the fifty states of The United States of America are perceived as being enemies who must be controlled and subjected. Think eviction, not secession.

    And they must depend upon either our generosity or their thievery for their survival.

    Goofyville on the Potamac is a sad, sick joke.

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