3 thoughts on “True: Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”

  1. Skeptics and real scientists of climate change, global warming, etc. need to go on the offensive, rather than always defending their positions. You can talk scientific method all you want, but if skeptics and real scientists do not organize, develop a cohesive policy and a political action plan to fight back and expose these climate change propagandists for what they really are, then you are going to lose the war. And it is a war!

  2. We need to push back stronger and more often concerning the fact that the scientific method works by disproof not by proof and all that follows from that (uncertainty, the irrelevance of consensus, etc.). When I get reactions to that they range from befuddled to stunned, until I show them UC Berkeley’s website on the scientific method. Also, we must continually point out that computer-generated data is not empirical data as is required by the scientific method. We must, in other words continually point out that warmists are not following the scientific method and are therefore not doing science, but rather politics or religion.

  3. The enviro-terrorists will try anything. As for myself, the reason I am a skeptic is I have read so many books and articles on the subject, both sides, and have come to the conclusion that the whole climate change theory has no scientific merit.

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