3 thoughts on “The Science Is Settled, So Australia Will Fire 100 Climate Scientists”

  1. Payback is a b*tch. These scientists said nothing when their field of research was usurped for political purposes; in fact, they welcomed and promoted it as a means to guaranteed funding.

    But then it turned sour when they could no longer publish and dissenting evidence … and now, having successfully driven out independent research under the banner of “The science of settled!”, they find themselves redundant.

    Pardon me while I enjoy a helping of schadenfreude.

  2. I say, it is all a bunch of phony BS and we need to get out of the ideology of “global” anything until our nation is fixed. Most of these poor and waaa-waaa nations were poor and controlled by the war lords and dictators, before America was a Columbus bad dream. Even the English, Dutch, and French slave masters did a much better job of running Africa, Viet Nam, Algeria Etc, than who is doing it now… America needs to take care of our own problems now, before we slip into another EU with the NAU but not my wants, it is liberal socialist, and the UN who want just that to happen… Al Gore, Obama, and the UN need to unite on a 50 square mile un-chartered island, and let them kill off each other until they destroyed the island…. Get America back before we don’t have an America to get back.

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