5 thoughts on “Stern: Current climate models are grossly misleading”

  1. Zero carbon dioxide is zero life on planet earth.
    Presently, we are in a carbon dioxide deficit so the case can be made to oxidize even more material to try to help grow the plants that make life on earth possible.
    Please do not call it carbon neutral. Carbon is an element, carbon dioxide is a molecule, and the two have no resemblance to each other. This is just more of the science that is not science.

  2. “As the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change made clear, we must achieve a net-zero carbon economy this century.”

    Rubbish. the Paris agreement, a flimsy gossip-best in any event, didn’t make any such thing clear. All it made clear is that there are political agendas completely hijacking any discussion of the science which is the only real substance this discussion can muster. Even the scientists can’t make clear what we ‘must achieve’ since the science of climate is about where aeronautical engineering was in the 1400s. Lots of ‘models’ but nothing was to actually fly for a long time into the future.

  3. He refers to a “net zero carbon economy”. Sounds good but no one can really define what it means. As usual, the article is full of code words but no real solutions.

    Unless they manage to defy the laws of physics, a net zero carbon economy would resemble the Egyptians building the pyramids with thousands of people doing manual labor to accomplish what one carbon-using machine could do.

    Perhaps that is their goal. But you won’t see Obama and friends doing any of the heavy work. They will just reap the benefits off the misery of others.

  4. Create a false hypothesis a then use the force of government to distort business to destroy vibrant parts of the economy with which you disagree so that you can instead reward and make fabulously wealthy with taxpayer dollars cronies , all the while impoverishing the vast majority of the world’s population (in the name of Mother Earth). Crony fascism at its best (for the powerful) and worst (for everyone else). As with the usual refrain of the Left, if you disagree you do not care about others, you are either too ignorant to understand or just need to be better (re)educated, or need to be destroyed.

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