4 thoughts on “Obama admin: Other countries will be mad if US backs out of Paris climate ‘deal’”

  1. Translation: Several countries around the world are worried that their expected payday will evaporate in a puff of smoke if a sane (read: reduced government) President is elected and intelligently removes us from the “climate” (wealth redistribution) deal.

    Orwell was a very observant and prophetic author…

  2. Regardless of whether we elect a Democrat or Republican as President, if that person does not pull us out of this deal as well as refuse the so-called “TPP” then we will know that we have again elected a hopeless dud. We’re really good at that, you know.

    The US federal government (The parasitoid government of The District of Columbia) is already a failed, ready to collapse-in-on-itself institution. It needs no help from any quarter to be able to finish itself off — especially from countries who long ago institutionalized failure as a national trait.

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