4 thoughts on “NYTimes readers unhinged by SCOTUS decision”

  1. They are obviously “violent extremists” that should be watched carefully by our law enforcement community.

  2. And why should the SCOTUS care about a non-binding UN agreement written in Paris where the unproductive shake down the productive. It’s the US Constitution, stupid.

  3. I love the part about the “slap in the face to all those Americans working to reverse global warming” from Claremont, California, an affluent suburban town 40 miles east of Los Angeles at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Meanwhile, in Appalachia, an impoverished region of the country where mining is often the only source of high paying jobs in the region, they are being kicked in the gut by EPA’s war on coal and Hillary is offering them semi-permanent Government assistance for the damage that’s been caused. I guess the coal miners don’t blog much on the NY Times editorial pages. Perhaps they should.

  4. And the warmists postion on this is not politicized???? Sheesh. Just how phony do things have to be made before they can be considered to be politicized.

    The writer from California may have an excuse but what will the guy from Queens think may be the cause when he steps outside this coming weekend and finds that he just walked into some butt-freezing cold atmospheric conditions.

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